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With the end of Star Trek: Discovery in sight we've sat down to discuss the future of the podcast and what show we'll be tackling next. MUSIC BY: Mbryo SUPPORT US: patreon.com/yumyumpod EMAIL US: yumyumpod@gmail.com FOLLOW US: Twitter: @YumYumPodcast Facebook: @YumYumPodcast Instagram: @yumyumpod Reddit: r/YumYumPodcast

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With the end of Star Trek: Discovery in sight we've sat down to discuss the future of the podcast and what show we'll be tackling next.








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Episode Transcription

hey ryan hey rachel how are you good how are you i'm feeling triumphant i felt like we've climbed over and jumped it a massive hurdle i feel like we've achieved what we set out to achieve rachel that's how i'm feeling how about you how are you doing oh well i failed to not have a breakdown well we broke down the episodes of star trek discovery so you know a little defeated yeah so for our patron listeners this is ahead of time but for our main feed listeners this all adds up we are talking and giving an update about our show and the future of it considering that we have or will be coming to the end of watching star trek discovery where it is at currently in this moment in time there is no future adventures of the discovery we're waiting for them to release going on hiatus while we wait for season four no no no no god don't get rid of us no freeze me until season four's release there are people like that but we are not those people so the question does fall what will yum yum pod be after star trek discovery has been discussed after we have re-watched and revisited and reviewed star trek discovery where does it go from brian would make sense if we did picard right because that's the next all lower decks if you want to do something a bit light and fluffy but but picard would make the most sense because it's the live action one and we've referred and we yes we've referred to our thoughts on picard in previous episodes of our pod yeah yeah we have so it's picard right


we're doing an episode by episode breakdown of picard because you want me to suffer i mean i would like that but yeah maybe um look real talk real talk real talk we're not doing star trek picard or lower decks as an episode by episode breakdown discussion so then what are we doing well that is a whole thing to open up in its own right but just to clarify for everyone when star trek discovery comes back and is finished we will re-watch it and review it star trek picard is a show in which when other seasons of it come out and if they compel us enough we will want to do episode by episode breakdowns but similar to star trek discovery's first season just the first season existing i don't really think either of us have much to say about it even less so than discovery discovery had a lot of weird stuff going on in the first season star trek picard for us there's just not a lot of lot of stuff to say about it when you break it down individual episode by episode basis as a whole season we have something to say about it but the idea of revisiting it and re-watching it and going over what happened in episode 7 and what happened in episode 10 it just doesn't seem like it's on the cards for us and with lower decks lower decks is just not the type of show that i think that really warrants that deep of a dive it's a light fluffy show it's a comedy although it has some merits and some deep stuff within it i don't think you would be up for that would you rachel no going full hard analytical of the themes and basis of every individual episode of lower decks no no no there's stuff to discuss with lower decks and stuff to discuss with picard but not in the way that we did with star trek discovery star trek discovery interests us more sustainable yeah and the realest of things to say is with star trek picard we have nothing at this moment in time constructive to say about it in that format there wasn't something in that show we liked even enough to merit a constructive discussion yes there is no glimmer of hope there is no could have beens where picard stays anything like what it is in the way that it was released that we saw although we have lots of negative things to say about discovery we liked discovery at some point when watching it even in season three there was an episode or two or stuff in it that i enjoyed or rachel enjoyed and that was at least enough to merit wanting to discuss it for a podcast but with potential for a yum yum occasionally with picard for us there isn't that and with lower decks i just don't think it's the type of show that warrants that intensive of a breakdown so we're not going to be covering those what are we doing we're not going to rip off our audience though we are going to release episodes about those given tv shows ah that sounds like it would be perfect for our patreon exclusive show our thoughts on and you know we wouldn't want to deprive our entire audience of it so what are we gonna do so our patrons are going to get episodes about star trek picard and lower decks we are going to be discussing them in our our thoughts on basis which is we sit down and talk about the season as a whole the show as a whole since there is only one season of each we'll only be discussing the first season give our general thoughts on it discuss what we do and don't like about it and we'll be releasing those on our patreon first and then they'll be coming out on the main feed so by the time that this update is out on our main feed those episodes are already done and uploaded and published on our patreon so if you want to jump ahead in the queue and listen to those you gotta head to a patron or you gotta wait a couple of weeks for those bad boys to come out but don't worry they are gonna come out and again if these shows in the future evolve to something more we are willing to come back and do our revisit and re-watches of them the way we did with discovery but in this moment in time they're just not that type of show but we do do want to give our thoughts on them and we will disgusting thing once they get the borg inside them there is no coming back no matter what they think defiled is what you are damned we are doing a lot of talking about what we're not doing well we do a lot of talking that's kind of the entire purpose fine i'll do some visual stuff


he actually is yeah he's doing a weird version of a tick tock dance only you cool kids can see that dance on the yum yum pod tik tok account so make sure to check that out too should we make a tick tock account i think we should in which i do i lip sync moments from star trek um discovery but i do it with little expression on my face so you have the really overt emotional moments and then i just quietly like neutral expression the the thing hi rachel's filming me as i'm discussing this hi you have to do the dance now i would wiggle my ass for you but i don't want to get up patreon exclusive right there patreon exclusive right there you get to see what i look like that's what i want we're doing a lot of talking about what we're not going to be doing and how we are going to be releasing stuff that we're not going to be doing but we are doing and then we'll be releasing it where we didn't release it because we we feel like we should we do this because we really want to honor star trek discovery which is to be convoluted as [ __ ] bodies adapt all this dilithium and subspace radiation his cells acclimatized to it in utero as they divided but he was only a child then something must have happened to trigger him what are we going to be talking about what are we going to be investing our time in what are we going to be re-watching revisiting long-term commitment


years will be dedicated to these series a show we have a passion for deep passion for we've we've hinted that we may do it sometimes we've even directly stated it yeah it was very very much our intention that we would do this show yeah it's a cult classic okay is it a funny show no it has its funny moments but it mostly leans into the drama and it is very much focused on the interpersonal relationships with a community and how they work together and what secrets do they have and when will their secrets be revealed or exposed and and how that evolves and changes and there's intrigue as the world around them also starts to impact them and their lives yeah well should we play the theme song for this magical show that we're going to invest ourselves in for the next little while oh it's a banger go for it yes you heard it here we are doing desperate housewives right yes desperate housewives no i'm not lying that's not what we're doing this time but no right ryan we've planted this since the very beginning we said that would be desperate yum yum yum yum wives i've mentioned it you've mentioned it everyone's clamoring for us to talk about desperate housewives okay maybe but that's not what we're doing ryan how about this how about this i'll counter you you're clearly enraged because you thought we're going to be doing another show and you know that we didn't do that for ourselves i'll convince you that we'll do desperate housewives with three words brie vander camp hmm like as much as i love kyle mclaughlin i mean he's not brie vander camp but no he is married to her at one point i mean isn't that enticing huh don't you want to see him no no i'm just talking about all of the virtues that desperate housewives has either longoria huh eva longoria doesn't that sound no no ryan but what's underneath the pool that's the season one mystery box what's buried underneath the pool in the backyard why did they narrate a character


then what are we doing rachel if we're not going to follow up on the magical music that danny elfman just provided and we're not gonna talk about that for seven years of our lives then what are we going to discuss we are going to discuss something that you've talked about for more than seven years of your life already okay fair enough let's play the theme song to the actual show that we'll be covering that i have and you have referenced a whole bunch on our star trek discovery discussions over the last few months


yes that's right it's the tng theme we're going back to tng's rough first season in which it's supremely racist and sexist and homophobic in parts yes but it's the best star trek it's when star trek wasn't stupid it's when star trek was smart when star trek was super super smart with excuse me what you don't want to see tasha yar get hit by a slime monster an uzi oily man that says many great things like when they try to negotiate with him he's just like i don't like negotiations i'm evil that sounds great we believe everything in the universe has a right to exist an interesting notion which i do not share you may leave now if you wish you are lying again i am not a liar we have talked about star trek the next generation so many times people want to know what we think about it you you know what we're actually doing a top 10 hot takes on star trek the next generation that would be pretty fun hot take number one uh it's not the hottest of takes it's actually hot take number 10 but uh tasha yar never was good never was good never could be good any time she appeared again was never good always ruined every episode she appeared in after she had died should have stayed dead don't like tasha yeah tashiak and go to hell get [ __ ] get [ __ ] tasha yeah just [ __ ] off okay hot take number nine


look in your face you're like oh i have a number of hot sakes i'll take number nine now take number nine is definitely that they're that they shouldn't have made star trek picard i didn't know it's gonna be so hot enough joking around we're not doing tng either that was a little bit of fun we should probably do a hot text list so that would be pretty fun but let's play the real theme song it was the dawn of the third age of mankind ten years after the earth minbari war the babylon project was a dream given form its goal to prevent another war by creating a place where humans and aliens could work out their differences peacefully it's a port of call home away from home for diplomats hustlers entrepreneurs and wanderers humans and aliens wrapped in two million five hundred thousand tons of spinning metal all alone in the night it can be a dangerous place but it's our last best hope for peace this is the story of the last of the babylon stations the year is 2258 the name of the place is babylon 5. that's right rachel we're finally doing it babylon five this is not a joke people we have been talking about it so much that it was it was manifested itself really it was really kind of like a prophecy that we were supposed to do this show at some point that that it was fought interceded yeah science versus faith interceded to make us want to discuss babylon five yes the si the minor situational depression that discussing star trek discovery has caused i think i say situational comedy i'm like oh it was a comedy all right i had a real good life i i was suffering and so have a lot of other people hands up if you enjoyed rachel's suffering both the mine are up uh babylon 5 is a show near and dear to our hearts and we thought we should discuss this in depth more so episode by episode breakdowns we will be re-watching babylon 5 so that will mean spoilers but rachel for the people listening here that have just heard us reference about babylon 5 a million times but don't get what it is what is babylon 5 the television show how would you best describe the pitch of it a new space station has opened up and this situation has occurred where it is organized and run by a council including a representative of humanity of earth the earth alliance and a number of other alien races yes this show takes place in the near future a couple hundred years from now yes and in this situation there are lots of political intrigue and interpersonal drama and small moments and big moments and it's all about what happens on babylon 5. yes this show is about the space station that was built to try and broker peace in a time in which peace may not be possible several alien factions and earth war is nearly on the brink but can a space station with good intentions bring about diplomacy in a time in which it may not be possible to do so can we find peace and love even when we've ascended to the point of traveling among the stars and meeting several different alien races or will the pittiness will the hatred will the baggage that we carry from the earth travel with us into the stars babylon five days it says that humanity can overcome their failures that we see at the core of ourselves that we can fix those problems and babylon 5 says no no we're broken or are we we can still achieve greatness but that doesn't mean all of our problems wash away once we go to the stars we [ __ ] up and they'll come with us and we [ __ ] up some more i'm speaking on behalf of humanity so yeah babylon 5 is a grand space opera in which we have many large overarching storylines fully fledged characters with arcs things tie into things there's setups and payoffs there's war there's love there's death there's many things going on it is a five season show with some tv movies and a whole bunch of other stuff and a spin-off tv series called crusade episode of our new podcast yum yum five yummy on five a dream given form yes is going to be season one episode one midnight in the firing line no um no first episode is is that not the pilot okay so she knows this but we're clarifying in the 1990s a lot of these sci-fi shows had feature-length pilot episodes for whatever reason they were just fun to do at the time uh and usually they'll get broken up into two parts babylon 5 has a tv movie called the gathering it is a pilot in the greatest way of describing that there are elements from it that don't necessarily carry over into the finished show but there are many that do we will be discussing that first a lot of people skip over the gathering because it isn't the greatest entryway point but it is the start of the saga and we want to start at the start and work our way through along the journey we are going to be discussing babylon 5 in the air date order we're going to be following along on what imdb has the uh episodes listed as as well as our dvd copies because we are going to be watching babylon 5 via our dvds which are presented in a full screen aspect ratio while balance five only at the start of 2021 got released on streaming services you got a hd remaster so for people who don't have the dvds don't stress you can view the hd remaster that looks [ __ ] and span and crisp and colorful and nice on hbo max that streaming services a few others it's on itunes so don't need to stress about that but we will be watching our dvd copies because we don't have the hd remaster easily available and our dvds still work and we're happy with the way show looks but we will be discussing the gathering which rachel what's the plot of that that was what i was about to ask if you wanted to see what imdb offers yep the opening of a crucial space station is put in jeopardy when the commanding officer is accused of attempting to murder a diplomat he's the one he tried to kill the ambassador


i saw it i saw it so people make sure to join us along the journey watching babylon 5. the gathering is where we're going to start we won't get to talk about that for a little while like we said we're going to be releasing our episodes about the other star trek shows picard then lower decks and then we'll be on the journey the five season long journey journey that is babylon five oh i'm so excited rachel i'm so let's see i mean koshby attempted murdered yep and as stated we're going to be re-watching it so we'll be giving our thoughts on the show from the perspective of people who have watched the show many a times over but there are many episodes that do stand on their own and you don't have to necessarily view it from the perspective of someone who knows the rest of the show there are just some episodes like tko where you're like yep that's an episode of a television show you're not mentioning something what you acknowledge the five seasons the tv movies but what about crusade oh if people pay us 100 a month on patreon we'll watch crusade and maybe we'll chuck chuck in hyper naughts as well while we're there but okay we're focusing on babylon five that's the tome we'll be pledging ourselves to for the next couple of years the book of jaca the book of jaquan do not thump it uh i've really enjoyed this whole entire journey though rachel like we're moving to a different era and iteration of yum yum pod and then there'll be a new cover there'll be new cover there'll be new music all that's exciting but i just really want to stress that re-watching and discussing star trek discovery has been a really interesting emotional enjoyable and thoughtful experience for me uh i walked into it with uh with a blustering confidence that it will be a cake walk to discuss discovery but as people have heard that hasn't necessarily been the case the show has tested me it has drained my patience it has enriched me it has thrilled me it was more of a roller coaster than i expected it to be i thought i had enough things that i was gonna say about it that would just make me breeze through it but the show the quality changes the stuff going on our guests opinions on the episode as well as our listeners out there i've really challenged my own uh views on the show and being able to discuss it for the pods so although that is coming to an end for now again when star trek discovery does come back and is finished and we will re-watch it we will discuss it of course um we aren't abandoning that as much as i would maybe like tea yeah but i've enjoyed our discussions but now we'll be moving on to our newly cleaned out space station yum yum 5 which is different it's a completely different show to deep space yum okay star trek deep space yum is a completely different show to yum yum five again should we become a deep space nine podcast rachel what do you think which order should we go should we be babylon five then deep space nine and then desperate housewives and then the tng show or should we be the tng show first then deep space nine then desperate housewives what do you think well then what do we do with those extra patreon episodes where we talked about the best and worst rated episodes of deep space nine already well we have to watch the middling episodes only then a lot of information has been thrown out there um but pretty simple basic breakdown of things our thoughts on picard and lower decks will be released on our patreon first you can follow our patreon yum yum pod on the patreon to get those nice and early and to get extra content and support the show if you love listening to me suffer join the patreon and help us get to that hundred a month goal


we are on all those social medias facebook instagram twitter reddit we share the content on there we give further discussions we share some memes and all that fun stuff so if you are not following us on any of those or all of them make sure to do that rachel do we have an email yes it is yummy on pot at gmail.com so you can email us with your questions queries thoughts and concerns and general feelings about the show at that email all of this will be in the description of this episode as is the usual case um we're just so excited to be moving to new endeavors and uh rachel i love you and i don't know which character you would describe as the naan of babylon 5 like who's the one that would say yum yum who would say yum yum to you i got confused because there are a race called the naan in pablo i know it's very hard we're gonna have to get over that who would you describe as the character in babylon 5 the most likely to lick their lips throw their hair back and say yum yum i'm going to like you're forcing me to answer i'm twisting your arm who is it rachel who is it i'm gonna go with carapaldi really mine's in the top