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We are just your average married couple who love watching and talking about science-fiction television. The Expanse is the series we’re talking about and one we’re watching through for the first time! Listen to us break down episodes of The Expanse and see if it’s as good as everyone says it is. Exploring The Expanse is released to our Patreon first and so if you want to hear more of our discussions then come over and support the podcast.
This week we’re exploring The Expanse episode  “Back to the Butcher”
It’s time to unleash the blue goo!






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Episode Transcription

[Music] hello Rachel hello Ryan how are you doing good how are you oh I am doing fantastic I am here with you talking about science fiction television isn't that the greatest dream a person can have is to watch Sci-Fi TV with someone else H that's my dream when I was a little kid I thought to myself oh man I can't wait for the girl that I marry to to be a schmuck that watches Sci-Fi TV with me that's the dream I had and uh well here I am today living the dream how about yourself how are you doing that was not my dream but ATT tracks that it was yours what was your dream what was your dream Rachel um was it to host a podcast that's extremely yum yum was that the dream you had as a little youngling no yum yum had not entered my universe at that stage what a innocent time that was I had Roar XD okay no dreams from Rachel though she can't muster up anything she's giv me these looks and going I don't know did I dream you're the type of person who had dreams come on you wanted to move to the big city and get out of your small Country Town yeah I wanted to not live with my mom anymore that was a big dream you did it I did it I did and now she can listen to us watch the expanse for the first time and what our thoughts are our experiences and dare I even say feelings but even she has to wait for it to come out on the Main feed she's no Patron your mom should be a patron of our Patron especially everyone should be because if you join our patreon you can listen to this uh Series where we're exploring the expans right now you can just skip ahead of the queue because we release this for our patrons first and then onto the main feed so come on over you get to be a part of the group Discord if you do as well and you can chat with everyone and make jokes about how we keep not liking Miller's hat that been a big controversy is the the lack of Miller hat love I've been getting some messages about that someone on Twitter messaged me about that so lot of lot of controversies complained about me not liking his haircut as well I think everyone's in agreement on that so we're yum yum because of Star Trek Discovery gave an amazing line yum yum and we were so inspired we had to name ourselves after it and uh I just want to know right now from you Rachel what was the episode of the expans we watched today what was the one that we sat down put the Blu-ray in and pressed play on oh while you're getting the information up just a quick annoyance that I have we have this on Blu-ray I do not like when I get DVDs especially of modern shows that keep the previously on I really don't like that I think that once you release this on physical media you don't need those I I I can understand it for previous shows like in Star Trek the nextg where there's a quaint charm when it was a two-parter once in a blue moon and you would get major Barrett's voice but I really don't like that because I have to fast forward it and even then the first image I see gave me a clue to what was going to happen in the episode with the robotic hamster I think once we get physical media you don't need that as a part of the episode now what episode did we watch back to the butcher mhm and what does IMDb say the plot is the crew has survived the loss of the canterburry and the doer and are contacted by an unlikely Ally Miller onseries continues his investigation and his thoughts of a conspiracy grow you seen the footage of havock and cathari planning on doing anything about it yeah was planning on Hunting the guy down and killing him real slow uh who did you find to be yum yum in this where when we say yum yum that usually has a bit of a sexual connotation when you say that like yum yum who did you find to be a hot piece of yum yum I personally found um Naomi pretty yum yum in this episode she's walking around in these overalls yelling at a bunch of guys and wanting to punch a ship that knows too much and I just said whoo hold me back that there is a hot piece of yum yum what about you who who who did you find to be yum yum this is um I'm going to be


honest and say I I found the slee and the


moral uh the well the lack of morals attractive yeah yeah for who rage Jared Harris for who sorry Anderson doors you mean I mean jard Harris is a sexy [ __ ] anyway he he's he's both creepy looking and a gentle yeah oh how could you forget Anderson doors that's a fair pick I liked him a lot in this one as well now to give some quick fire thoughts some uh Impressions that we got from this I'm going to throw it over to you what were what are yours it's good it feels like it's it's another solid episode that's building on the foundations that they've laid and again in this episode I found myself really enjoying the way that they're building up the world visually through their Tech like the body bag situation where it inflates and freezes yeah it almost looks like it's hovering


um and there's something unsettling about it as well as it feeling like a a moment of sort of remembrance for a life lost and that Alex is doing that like it's layering all of these things up in a visual way and I appreciate that I was really drawn to the uh different structure of the episode we got a flashback sequence that was a framework throughout yeah I really like what they're doing with Fred Johnson as a character I liked him in that previous episode the conversation he had with the Mormon was really great and they continuing to make him a really like I'm I want to know more about him I want to follow him woman but just him as a character because now we have this new layer like this new understanding of him it makes him all the more fascinating but I'm going to be on a different end of this to you this was my least favorite episode we've watched thus far I was really not engaged with this one I just zoned out and and when I say zone out it wasn't as if I didn't pick up what was going on I just wasn't engaging with it I just was listless during lots of this I kept looking at my watch going okay I get the point when are we lowest rated episode on IMDb that we've watched I thought that after the last couple this was a real step down and I think I'm officially just I've been flip-flopping I've been wanting to give him a chance because I like Thomas Jane but I think I'm I'm officially on the I don't give a [ __ ] about Miller and his plots uh if you've listen to this podcast I don't really give a [ __ ] about any of them to be honest oh I disagree but you disagree that I yeah I disagree I think when you watch it you are very engaged when Alex and Amos are on the screen talking to one another I actually do disagree with that like when you're sitting there watching it with me you do get very active when they are on the screen talking to one another and being their but what I was going to say happen actually quite a bit in this one two of them talking to each other anyway but I just didn't I don't care about Miller honestly uh and if people have listened to the Pod especially our babyon 5 discussions I I guess scii and detective do not mix well cops I like cop shows and movies so that's why it dumbfounds me but when it comes to sci-fi I guess it is a thing where I just sit there going I don't want this actually uh and so every scene with him he was just doing the most gen cop [ __ ] to me and I just was grinding my teeth going okay and that's the majority of the episode pissing havlock off in the [ __ ] Hospital there's no there's no uh chrisen in this episode you hate this episode yeah maybe that's a factor it didn't have that special spark that makes this series stand out from the others in its contemporaries uh I would say Fred Johnson helps make it stand out but uh Chris Jen really does do that and she wasn't here I mean just to talk about that for for the briefest of moments what did you think of that did you even notice it while you were watching the episode that we weren't cutting to her that we weren't cutting to Earth yeah um because I was like oh they've replaced they've still got three plots going on but they've replaced the UN plot with the flashback to the state that gets yeah that's Sub in part that does involve Earth and the UN yeah but not our main characters that we were following and during that so maybe that is also a huge Factor now I'm I will admit egg on my face I didn't think about her right up until we got the basically title drop of the episode when Fred Johnson's title of the Butcher of Anderson station came up and he was like you I'm like oh yeah where is Christian in this so to give it some praise I think it clicked along well enough without her here but I mean here I am saying it's my least favorite and she isn't here maybe that's actually the reason have luck you don't listen I told you I said keep your head down keep your eyes


open especially in the Medina or maybe I really wasn't into this because it was what I predicted at the end of our last discussion of things I don't want which is havlock going to live there's going to be [ __ ] drama about that the cops are going to get all up in arms and go after the guy that did it to him the guy that did it to him is going to be this elusive figure that we'll have to chase for an episode or two and Miller is going to have to begrudgingly deal with that whilst also do dealing with the Julie MA case I said that at the end of our last discussion as I really don't want that and that's what we got so too bad you've got the boilerplate version of this episode I thought you going to say too bad you lose good day sir good day sir I have vented about havlock and how I do not care for him that is very clear but I I want to hear from you a bit more when it comes to havlock he is here he's living could you talk to me a bit about not only the scene but I just want to hear more from you about what you think of this character he's nothing he's an idea at this point he doesn't feel like a character he's the naive earther who's come to series to try and make a difference and he's befriended a sex worker and it's judged for that yeah it's just really dull she loves him and is willing to fight a cop over for him isn't that that's the story yeah but I don't buy it at the same time what does she see in him that's the thing like give oh because he doesn't treat you like trash he's a CP with a heart of gold that's why he's a CP with a heart of gold unlike you you're a pig you're a fascist you're an evil cop she is played by the actress of Lieutenant neon from Star Trek Discovery and unlike that character in Star Trek Discovery uh this uh one allows her to perform something and I will give her credit where it is due she's very good in this role I I think that she demonstrates a strong willed character with with an inherent cultural background that is uh the definer of them as well um I want to lay that all on the shoulders of the actor here but uh when it comes to what we see of her in this show it is very distressing to me that she is not only the sex worker who is like this for like creature who helps humanize the cop man but I also find it a bit boring and lame and odd too that she's the the the native basically the indigenous person who has helped him understand the culture and now he's fallen in love with her and we've seen this be something in many things as well it's almost like a dancing with Wolves Avatar thing right I went with pocah Haunter po so many many so many would you be more forgiving of this because this is a critique that could be thrown at many shows that we watch but would you say you would be more forgiving of this if havlock was a far more electrifying character or do you think inherently their relationship as it is would still be a roadblock for you I don't think I would think of it as quickly because there a lack of any interest in what's happening I'm flipping through sort of like the different lenses that I can put on this and it's like oh yeah this is one of those stories that still feels a little bit gross to me in a weird way um but I I don't think I'd be as quick to analyze it in this way if I did enjoy it more and I was more interested in the relationship between those two characters but because it really feels like cop plus native person mhm person who can teach him the culture person who can make him no longer the earther who doesn't know anything I thought that scene was embarrassing honestly like that whole Hospital bedroom scene I thought it was weirdly blocked and choreographed and havlock is I think just truly truly the worst thing in the show and so the scene is embarrassing too because he's trying to be all possessive angry guy because Miller is talking smack about the woman he presumably loves now didn't buy that it's very much like I get that you have a relationship and that you've built this connection and you care about each other but I'm might I haven't seen it I I haven't seen it I don't I don't feel a romantic chemistry definitely a


friendship like get yeah I get the sense that like they've they have a mutual respect for each other yeah but not I'm assuming some level of sexual attraction as well as romantic attraction I havlock his characterization is very strange as well because on paper if I said what it is you could look at me and say well that sounds interesting but they' ski skipped a lot of steps so what I'm going to lay out is on paper he comes across as the fresh-faced innocent foreign guy who's come here to be the policeman and he thinks that his by golly G ways will help save the day but through his can make a difference one person can make difference but through his experiences and underestimating the people as well as his own shitty partner he becomes bitter about the world around him he becomes a darker character than we started he's naiv when it comes to Miller is now formed into cynicism that could be good that would be great that there would be a great season long story with havlock but the thing is the show's too crowded to do that show's too crowded they've skipped all these steps and the biggest thing is they forgot to make havlock a character in him in his own right instead of just uh a mechanism to dist distribute themes and ideas and be audience surrogates man the next bike's going to go right through your skull came from a r Fountain of police wisdom you look the other way take your bribe do as little as possible you see any extra holes in me pal on me police come down to the r havelock's uh attacker is on the loose and the police are up in arms about it they're basically in a frenzy he's one of ours havlock he may be new he may be an earther but he's one of ours we need this guy so Miller is having to put the Julie mathing to the side for the moment and he has to kind of he barely wants to but he kind of has to look into the havlock thing he's as interested he doesn't really want to it's just like well yeah I don't give a [ __ ] about this either same but you know who gives a [ __ ] Jared Harris Anderson d gives a [ __ ] I saw his names and his name in the titles and you pointed it out oh Jared Harris is in this one and even when he popped up I was still surprised like oh Jared Harris it's you oh Anderson D and I'm going to just say this right now I like Anderson dors as a character mainly because Jared Harris but also what he is he fascinating but it there's a lot to play with there and it feels like it's a kind of character that I haven't really seen before whereas I've seen lots of guys like havlock or Miller so many like Miller Anderson doors is the embodiment of a problem I've had routinely with Miller's side of the story which is it's the writers just blatantly hitting me in the face with messages and themes Anderson doors gives us the information about this guy that that captured here is what I need he is what I want but what he is mainly doing in the scene is just saying to us hey Miller you're a belter underneath at all and you want to have a free belter life don't you I want this belt to be free of the earth is like I get it this has been very just want a quality I just want a quality and I'm willing to do dirty things to get it done as you are willing to get dirty things to get what you need done I it's not bad but I've heard it so many times in a row in this side of the story that I just anytime they're doing it now even if it's from the beautiful mouth of Jared Harris I'm sighing it ties me okay okay yeah whatever now you like Anderson doors as well so um what do you think about the scene overall and how he plays into this episode I I really enjoyed it as um sort of philosophical problem that they present and we watch Miller go through the process and then um decide what to do with the phone and to do without opportunity and the fact that he refuses to engage with it because it's not worth it it's not worth getting in in bed with Anderson doors like yeah it would be great to get that dude the OPA is clearly going to make it impossible for us to get him if I don't do this but I'm not willing to compromise myself in that way the phone was a great little uh button through that scene as well but a device for showing us Miller's confliction during the episode because he does not care about being the good cop no but he does not want to be the IM belter like how he is being told he should be he doesn't want to do that either what he wants to do is stroke his ego and this opportunity would allow him to do the cop thing to the best of you know to save the day and whatever and maybe also help out with what is being pedal to him but he has this phone he has this opportunity and like we've seen with Miller he throws it away this he literally throws it in the trash yeah and cuz that way nobody else can get it as well like and everything everything on series is recycled even the even the bodies but oh yeah and on a symbolic level he he throws it away he throws it in the garbage and shortly after that he gets a bag put on his head and taken away I'm assuming by the OPA I would imagine it's the OPA uh because they also don't really like him uh even though Endor is trying to woo him and tempt him uh the performance as well as the dialogue makes it very clear that uh Miller does not have a position where these conversations could continue on for too much longer because Miller is just such a brick wall uh yeah that this will end soon like that's the attitude with Anderson dors talking of like I'm giving you the opportunity to benefit me and the Opa and if you don't you will be over okay you're either in or you're out and Miller doesn't give a [ __ ] because he wants to solve the case because he has an ego to solve I actually rather like that scene where he was talking uh with his uh you know his boss his other partner I guess his new partner now have looks out of the scene out out of the job for the time being about how you should take this up higher you should take this up higher you've stum across something big why aren't you doing it and he he feels like he has owed this respon like this job of I am the guy who will find the girl he wants to be the chosen one he wants to be your typical detective in your Noir I'm going to find the girl I'm going to punch out the Badd I'm going to smoke my cigarettes and wear my hat usually we find that an admirable trait but he here it's him being dangerous in the pursuit of fulfilling that like egocentric need and also in a lot of other things that do that they don't go higher up because they know that there's some level of corruption and we see that corruption I am thinking LA Noir that's a great as a go-to example of that like you can't go higher up because hupt is corrupt so there's no point you need to keep it going yourself until you find the answers and then you can take it somewhere when you've got enough proof and he likes pulling on the yarn and seeing where it takes him and so Miller is on the case he's finding all of these different Avenues to find more evidence and get more information it's all the case in this episode isn't necessarily giving us big Revelations this isn't giving us anything more to go on this is uh so so much of him Gathering little bits little pieces and these will form into something grander over the course of the season and also like sort of connecting back to things that he's discovered in other episodes and that all is like the jigsaw pieces is starting to fit together like he's got these separate parts but now he's able to join things up a little bit more yes we have that body from the previous episode and that helps leads him to this person and this person helps leads him to that person and we got the robotic hamster and that has a thing inside of it that he takes out and he has that now that he can go off of and uh she had a guy that used to fly ships for her that we find out is also a lover of hers and he has lots of information about what Julie is like as a person and how her getting embroiled in something bigger her getting over going over the top is a surprise to this guy but also not really so it makes it harder to know if Julie has stumbled into something been forced into something or she is willing gone into something far greater than she is able to handle it's that there I actually quite like because like she's in over a head but how she got there we don't know I really like that as a ambiguous thing to juggle because the narrative has been she's daddy's little rich girl who's gone away to be a protester and now she's been kidnapped as a prize as a piece of blackmail as something to profit off of but we are pushing the ball down the court more to say no she is not that she is stubborn she is uh prideful she is also a noble person and she has probably gotten herself into this like she has done it rather than she has just been a porn for something greater something else yeah and I think that adds some great Dimensions to this yeah and it's interesting how they're making her a character through her absence yeah I think that is really great too because I was curious if we're going to have a framing device with her if we're going to cut to her and what she's up to and then eventually it would all culminate with her plot and Miller converging but no she's just here through the the words of other people and photographs and and recordings and uh that's uh really neat now could you break down a bit more of Miller's case what he's Gathering what he's found who he's talked to well like you you've already briefly sort of summarized it of like he gets this information and clicks into this and goes into that so we had the body of The Tech Guy from last episode and he had the thing in his leg had the thing in his leg that they got um now he Miller's tracked down this other dude that the ex-lover he says go to this place say this keyword go to the back room that's where he worked out of um and then Miller figures out the guy makes hamsters yeah is it a hamster or a mouse mouse hamster guinea pig some [ __ ] it's rodent someone's come animatronic rodent um and then he goes and takes the little SD card looking thing out of it mhm um and that that's about it we don't have a great understanding what's on it yet we know that he's been he's been he scans for it m like he's like checking if there's anything stored on the ones that are like sitting on the table he's also been analyzing during the episode the flight path and plan of the of the was it the scopuli scopuli and so that there is also being uh underlined in the episode of hey remember the ship she was on and how it got there how this set everything off uh and we also know that she was pretty high up in Leagues with the OPA Anderson do has been playing it off as oh she was one of ours I know of her but now we definitely know no he knew her she was working with him very very closely knit with him so uh I I think that's not a surprise like that's one those like yeah Miller I think you could have worked off of that basic assumption from the very get-go strange times indeed call it a conflict of interest Whatever Gets You Through the day to keeping the peace I have two no three funny observations about Miller's plots uh one his shoes were off yeah Thomas Jane that dude hates things on his feet you yelled that when you I was like oh my God he's got no shoes on yay he was at home so I'll give him give him the you know Fair Shake on that the other was he was walking through I do believe it was that area to the the back room where the guy worked and there was that music playing that I always hear on red letter media Med I know if it's St music or just a famous piece of like jazzy music but I hear it in a lot of YouTube videos and so I had a big chuckle at that yep and the third fun thing that I I think you know we we we have to at least mention it because it is here in The Ether of of the episode and you already mentioned the Hat oh well I thought the fun thing was he he uh he found the photograph and put it inside of the hat like the Hat now is functioning in the story it's no longer just a thing that people go metaphor metaphor wasn't just a photograph was it oh he puts the chip in there to but he PIR he puts it in there but like the Hat now is serving a literal purpose in the plot and I just want to cheer at that alone because it's only been there as a thing that people point to and just say do you get it audience we're making a little a little metaphor here a little a little theme and ongoing thing with the hat it's trying to be like an earth trying to be like an earther so uh those are my funny little observations about Miller and his story I'm being harsh on on Miller and I have now gravitated towards Holden and and that crew uh how do you feel about that though when we talk about this show you still have that quick reflex to say that you don't care about characters yeah


like I'm still at that point where like I do like some characters more than others like you pointed out that I like Alex I find him fun um and some some other members of the crew um um but I don't care what happens to them I'm like at that stage where I just kind of find some of them more entertaining than others but I'm not super invested because I'm like I'm still getting to know you I don't know how much I care about you but um some of you are more drawn to than others it's just like okay I don't really care what happens you're just going to do the things and the things will happen yeah um but with this plot I'm like okay it's it's doing the things it's chugging along just wants to breather a little bit um yeah like it does feel like um this plot's slowing down a bit and the Miller one is is the one that's ramping up because you don't want to have all of the story lines on Full Throttle all the time on yeah like this is like episode five MH it's just not right for the season pacing yeah yeah like it's just not the way that things work I think I am more excited about what happens to them and this is modern television this statement I'm going to make is modern TV and we have seen this be poorly done with Star Trek Discovery and we're seeing it being fairly well done here I'm not blown away but what it is is I feel like we' finally exited the pilot like this feels like oh they've got on the ship their ship this must be like I'm assuming this is their ship because they have this set and they're having this banter about it and they've already forming a relationship with it yeah they've named it and they're finding their own quarters and Naomi has to thing it feels like oh we've reached the end of the pilot because compare this to many other science fiction shows I thought of Farscape a lot during this of Farscape 45-minute pilot gives you so much Bam Bam Bam and by the end of it John kryon is on this ship with a ragtag crew of people he doesn't know he can trust of the series has happened there's an antagonist that to run away from and bam we're here in modern television though especially in ones like this it's got an opening Arc not just a pilot basically the opening act of the show is from 3 to five episodes and I think that's fine but now I'm more excited because oh we've got the ship oh look Holden finally gets some cup of coffee like real coffee and Amos gets to drink and Naomi is up upset about this ship and she doesn't like it and Alex is getting comfortable with this new uh you know this new vessel he gets to play with all the buttons and figure out how how it works and he gets to listen to his music all of that there is not groundbreaking or even profound but I liked having a bit of a breather in that way this was more characterful to me than some of the other episodes when it comes to these guys just having them exchange dialogue back and for very one problem that they're dealing with which allows you to Showcase their responses because they have time to make a decision it it's not like when Holden decided to do the broadcast in the first place where it was just like all of them there all of them have their own perspective but he just [ __ ] does it and not everyone is so heightened in drama and their emotions about where they land on this Alex seemed like he could go either way with this honestly Amos he was teaming with Naomi just for the sheer fact that he does always but even then he's reluctant and Holden was dickish and you got called out for being dickish and Naomi she was also being dickish and got called out for being dickish it was the two characters who were very much like I'm right and you're wrong about this and the others were just vibing throughout it all just wherever we land we'll follow it and I like that a lot so I am more keen but I mean when we talk about how TV stories like how TV shows structure their stories I mean what is your feelings overall on on doing it like this because we have grown up with television changing into this and this being the standard for a lot of prestige dramas I don't know like it does feel a little bit odd because again like to Circle back to your point about having the previously on it's just like with those with the expans you have to have footage from like five four or five different episodes um even though this is only the f um to get across all of the information that you need to understand this because all of it's been set up there's been no direct payoff it's a serialized show so you need bits from all of these episodes that are creating this atmosphere and setting up these plots compared to the TNG previously on where it's one episode yeah that's the setup was in one episode that just kind of amuses me that that is like that does reflect the state of those shows in a weird way um in a pretty obvious way but I I find it funny for whatever reason right now and it it's just like okay I I just accept it and sometimes I'm more okay with it than others I'm more okay when it's character Le stuff that's doing the setup of the show and of the season and if I haven't gotten to the point where I'm tired of the big bad cycle of the show whatever it is yeah I have a LoveHate relationship with this um because there's a lot of shows that I love that do this and they do it so well that I turn my brain off about how they structure things but there's been so many that fail at it or just miss the mark Or you stand back and go ah there's a lot of time wasting going on there and I'm not saying the expans is wasting time I'm not but I think about like the the Netflix Marvel shows back in the day where you have the first two to four episodes are bangers they're good and if they're not good in that like instant satisfaction they're good in the way of of we're building up the the the world and the stakes we're building and then you have the middle chunk of episodes which are there they take up time they spin wheels and then you get the exciting second like second to last episode that really ramps it all up is basically a conclusion then you have the last episode that is a more solemn contemplative one that takes a moment to look back at what we've done during the season and get ready for stuff in the next Game of Thrones did that better Co Soul did that as well and I'm not even talking about like the quality of these shows I'm just talking about like that formula and I'm feeling that with the expans right now where it's like oh we're finally out of well I hope but we're finally out of like what feels like the introductory phase and now we can get going with like the real show and I think that's why I'm also a bit detached with this episode because I I guess that spell has been broken where I I see it as oh we're still like in this part of it like I can't get over just saying oh they finally got on the ship and maybe it's a trauma of having watched Star Trek peard where it took him like four to five episodes to finally get into space and traveling around but that's just how I am with it rosante huh it's Spanish from Workhorse I like I know a lady named rosante she was good to me whatever punch it the conflict though you you you you did mention that there is one and the conflict is Naomi and Halon do not agree on the proposal that is in front of them which is to gain sanctuary and help from Fred Johnson who is a figure we'll learn more about during this episode but he is that guy that was working with the he's on this station and he's offering to help them giving them advice of how to cover the tracks and everything like this he's seeming very Noble very nice and we learn from Naomi's experiences for she has to say that he's this monster of a man and we know that he's in League with the OPA and it seems like he's a pretty big deal for the OPA and so Naomi is very much it's not even specifically she makes this point it's not specifically just about Fred Johnson and his like him as an individual but what he represents and if we team up with this type of man if we give this type of man the credit that they're now a good person we are on the road to ruin ourselves and that's pretty good that's a pretty good idea yeah and it's one where I'm like okay you've done this now but what are you going to do next at the same time like you've taken this much


time what is it going to be worth and there's not a lot dedicated to this uh there's not a lot of arguments and dramatic scenes there's those moments and then Naomi mulling it over and being cranky in her bed and then we get to it okay let's phone up the devil let's make a deal I'm with the butcher with the Butcher and there's a framing device that has been in the episode which is we're flashing back 11 years ago to the Anderson station and it is a group of uh miners I do believe they're they're like Miners and operators who are on strike and uh they are on strike and uh they've been shut down they're cornered in they've got really nothing that they can do and so we see that they have a conflict within their group and how they should go about things mirroring what's happening with yeah Holden and crew to a far more extreme and sad ending yes but it also helps up the feeling of the stakes with our crew seeing that that other situation led to a lot of death and if we do want to look at Fred Johnson as an individual if you don't take an offer from him you will die like that's the what we're getting to like he offered these people the opportunity to stop what they were doing they said no and then that was one chance and then you're gone and we get this little thing of the guy that's in charge has a daughter and I was rolling my eyes a little because oh yes the cute child why of course and they're playing the game but they did they did more with that I really liked that I really liked it that it was um like cuz they set it up and it's just like oh they're going to milk this and then it's like oh no no not only have like they are doing it to milk it to increase the tension and to increase the fear and your concern for the health and safety of these people on this station they can't kill a little girl cuz like is the show going to kill all of these Miners and their wives and their children and um everybody else that's like on board in this situ situation and then it's like oh no no it's because of the kids that they're willing to do it that they've done it and then it casts another interesting light on those two figures that we've been seeing argue throughout the whole episode of them with their children uh in that final sort of broadcast yeah before they get spaced before the ship gets blown apart she also the daughter uh she helped solve a problem which is she's playing that little game on her tablet thing and it helps the dad realize that he can broadcast out and so them getting executed in space will not be something that can be swept under the rck this will go out and people will remember this this won't be in vain and it will make the people who did this Infamous hence Fred Johnson is the Butcher of Anderson station he is this figure that looms large and yet when we see him in this one he is always at a distance and small yet what he does here is is is is massive and you can tell why the OPA exists the way it does with an event like this happening because these people are trying to fight back for their for their not just their rights but to save the children that's literally what they want is to save the children it makes you even more Curious for um us to understand his journey from standing on that Anderson station watching all these bodies go by to being so integral in the OPA that he could lose his job and I I I do want to know how he goes from being this head of the Marines for the UN to being where he is now and the the mentality he has now as well is very mannered and and civil and I'm trying to be a good man uh I thought this was the best part of the episode I've given a lot of uh smacking on the hand to uh this but man I loved all of this I thought this was spectacular again another arresting image of the dad and the daughter holding each other floating in space you don't forget that I remembered that that's why i' like I don't have any major qualms about this episode it's not great it's not bad it's just it's pretty solid like this stuff is really good this stuff is really interesting like all of the plots have moved forward a little bit like I understand of Earth has moved forward thanks to those flashbacks it's not stuff with Christian which I know breaks your sweet little heart I miss Christian so much I know I know but it's just like I don't have any major issues with it it just does what it does and and then it's kind of gone like I I I do have trouble remembering everything that happened happens in the episode before we start recording and then I'm like oh yeah that thing happened and that thing happened and that thing happened like it's not one where I'm like oh my God I cannot wait to talk about all of these things it's not as thematically rich as the third episode and it isn't as bells and whistles balls to the wall as the one we just watched this is serviceable again I like it the least but uh Johnson I I'm Keen to see more of him love the performance love that performance I hope that they keep on threading that three um nicely and the corporations how much power and sway do they have where they can get the un's Marines to squash uh uh a strike like this we know that Julie mau's family is one of the big Rich corporations and so again there is this definite threat of capitalism in space where at first you're so drawn into the cold war of these two great governments and Military Powers but we're really getting this underlying thing that people with enough Capital out there people with enough money can really be the PE like the folk that yeah uh get the things moving we see with the Mormons they've got an being built we see like this in the past of just they can sway the UN to do their dirty work for when you were saying all that I was just like I I know where he's going with it but I'm like all of that setup also helps lead you towards the main focus of the show is the people who are caught in the middle the powerless who who are affected by the decisions of the powerful competing for more power she and the other children have been diagnosed with that the Medics are calling hypoxic brain injury it's due to the low oxygen working environments she got it when she came to live here with me the the company is refusing us medical assistance and they're denying that that problem even exists we're not a violent people no one is going to be surprised when my rating is on the scale of yum being bad and yum yum being good I'm giving this a yum yum Rachel on our scale yum or yum yum where do you fall with this yum yum yum yum I it's just okay like there's nothing that was that bad about it there was nothing that annoyed me or made me angry or made me go why the [ __ ] are we doing this show not not the scene where Miller was on the train and the lights went off and he tried to uh punch out a guy because he gave him a nasty look and then the lights went on and everyone was saying oh you filthy cop man you stink Cops Bad Boo I did like when he was interrogating Julie's former lover and he's just referring to Miller as badge he badge I like I really liked I thought that that was really fun yeah hey bad uh but okay I want to know the title for the next episode now uh we haven't watched this don't know anything about it we're going to look at the title make this is like the last episode that you watched probably originally right six or seven episodes so what's the next one Rock Bottom we're at Rock Bottom now uh prediction for the future uh or for the next episode I hope the Mormons are in it that's my big dream I'm I'm shocked but I [ __ ] love those freaks yeah that yeah because this they're openly freaky Mormons in space openly freak great idea um great idea yeah the ult like the capitalist religion one of the capitalist religions in space perfect perfect um that's all I want uh I would love that too I think um Holden and the crew are going to get into some sort of battle again because that's what they do um I think we're going to get a little bit more more of the havlock stuff um and maybe some repercussions for the fact that Miller throughout the phone uhhuh um I think we're not going to I but I don't think we're going to get too much of Miller in the next episode I think they're going to milk him being kidnapped him being kidnapped I worry that it's going to be a big Miller has been kidnapped and the OPA a I don't want that so that's why I'm not predicting that like Miller has to escape Anderson door's men and now he has Anderson doors after him while he tries to solve the like or they Rogue Opa and Anderson is trying to track them down or uh uh wait are they going to have they kidnapped him and they going to put him with the dude that did it to Anderson I haveck yeah I don't know we'll see next time people make sure to uh watch the episode yourself as well if you have the inclination to do so you can follow us on your social media of choice under yum yum pod or yum yum podcast we post on there regularly 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did not appear but if he did I would have cheered and I would have said Miller's plot was good oh if he was the one that put the bag over Miller's head that would have been truly delightful oh big bonus points to the mill plot another fun detail I'll end the episode fourth fun detail he he gets tased a bag put on his head and people are just looking at it happening and I saw one person in the background look shrug and then walk off [Music]


perfect see you then well w