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We are just your average married couple who love watching and talking about science-fiction television. The Expanse is the series we’re talking about and one we’re watching through for the first time! Listen to us break down episodes of The Expanse and see if it’s as good as everyone says it is. Exploring The Expanse is released to our Patreon first and so if you want to hear more of our discussions then come over and support the podcast.
This week we’re exploring The Expanse episode  “Rock Bottom”
It’s time to unleash the blue goo!






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Episode Transcription

[Music] hello Rachel hi Ryan how are you doing okay just okay but Rachel we got a lot of Jared Harris chest hair action in this episode I thought that would make you very excited I already know who you you thought was yum in this episode cuz you saw that chest hair shining in the light in that scene and I saw you licking your lips saying now that's a hot piece of yum yum right there I saw it everyone Rachel's gone silent because she can't vocally admit it but she can with her eyes and only I can see those eyes right now we are the Yum Yum podcast a podcast of a husband and wife team how long will we still be married by well we'll see how it goes by the end of this podcast because Rachel is now giving me the frowny looks for mentioning the Jared Harris chest here uh who go through Sci-Fi TV we watch episodes of Science Fiction television we talk about it and today we have convened here to discuss what show Rachel what one are we watching the


expans oh and have we have have we watched this before we are we going through a rewatch are we are we going through no no have you not seen this before we are both watching it for the first time you've watched the first six or so episodes of the show way back when when it first came out don't remember much no but we're pretty much at the end of that of the point of Brian saw it a long time ago and he remembers some things um and we'll both be brand new to each episode of the expanse together yes and we watched uh a certain episode of the expanse today and it was called Rock Bottom tonight on Rock Bottom we go undercover at a sex farm for sex hookers I keep telling you I just let grow dorum here uhhuh and where are the hookers round back oops a very simple description for a very uh complicated and nuanced episode here it goes Holden's team makes an uneasy alliance with Fred Johnson while Miller fights for his life against Anderson D's thugs there you go that is the description and uh as stated this is some something that I I may have seen back in the day but I do not remember this at all this was all new information all new scenes to me and definitely all new for you so uh let's go through our quick fire thoughts uh First Impressions we just finished watching the episode about 15 minutes ago and oh oh sorry you want to know who I thought was yum yum in the


episode do you sure I can't hear you sure oh she sounds happy eotic of course I found Fred Johnson to be the sexiest he was so in charge so so good although um uh eron Wright did say squeeze berries and that got me a bit turned on myself so it's actually a competition between these two men but collecting Amos Amos or Amos they pronounce it both ways in this show they're fast and loose with the pronunciation of words in this show I was I used to I I used to stress about how I pronounce characters names and now I know that every actor pronounces it differently and so I feel content in not having to stress about it as much if the cast and crew aren't stressing about it as much as I am then I'm okay uh but Amos was very sexy in this episode but he was sexy in a different way I felt sad for him in this episode which doesn't make me feel sexy I felt a poor a miss that poor boy he he's hurt he he has feelings now and they're hurt but I I actually did find Fred Johnson to be very sexy I just think that actor has such a presence such a voice I could not stop hanging off every word he said even when it was noticeably ad I couldn't stop hanging off of them and that's the reason like he's such a nuanced voice I could tell when it was recorded later just because it was a different microphone but that's me being an audio boy now having done a podcast but overall quick fire Impressions what did you think of uh Rock Bottom it was good what are your quickfire thoughts thumbs up smiley face emoji I liked it I thought it was very good I thought it did a very good job this was a step up from where we were last week yes yes it it's a very hectic episode there's a lot going on but it goes smoothly I thought this was a perfect balance of exposition giving us ongoing threads propelling forward the Mysteries and giving us answers and character moments deep nuanced character moments and scenes dedicated to not just giving us more information but actually just hanging out with people Alex and Amos gave us backstories but I actually just felt like finally I'm getting this friendship that I've been seeing in the background of scenes previously now it's just right up close and personal and same with uh Naomi and Holden connecting and and and there's so many moments like that throughout this episode as well as all of the great stuff like oh we learn that this is a conspiracy that leads to this and this person was involved in this thing I thought this was a perfect mixture of everything we've seen thus far in the expanse I think this is it clicked into full gear or at least a fuller gear than uh where we've been previously but I will agree with you it was pretty hectic there were a lot of things were ping ponging too uh but I didn't feel lost like I did in previous ones because I actually was invested in what we were seeing what God gives you the right to Life's riches huh you set up your zones tell us where we can and cannot go you living belly full with your glass palaces while half my people are starving to death how is this Justice you skinnies want to take credit for blowing up the dager we'll give you justice with both hands what are we going to blow up your big Martian worship with h get purose we have some rock Hoppers Rachel and so this is new we haven't met these people before or at least we may have actually met one of them before younger one Mato yeah I think that matus Mato he I think if my memory is not betraying me or I'm just mixing faces I think he was the guy that Miller grabbed in the second episode for stealing water I think he was that guy I think so his face seemed familiar maybe it's the actor I know but I have a suspicion that it's him and even if it's not him he still does relate to uh where Miller is at because these guys are you know belters and they're bringing in this material to go back to the Belt to earn money but also help benefit the rest of them and this was such a a strange aspect of this episode I I can't really get a grasp on why this is here I I know that they're leaving it to make it so that the the guyo in space will I imagine connect with one of the other story lines and be picked up by somebody but just in relation to everything else going on this was my weak point of the episode because we're just cutting to two characters I don't know very well and they're not offering me uh as much interesting material they're very much giving us the The Haves and Have Nots again the higher Powers versus the lower powers the ah they have their boot on our neck and we must stand up and Rise stand up and Rise I like how it does connect to the OPA and Anderson doors and what he is constantly banging into Miller's head and Miller is just not getting it we see how this trouble that uh uh that Anderson doors is trying to raise is extending out to so many people across the Galaxy including these two people who we are meeting now uh do Dogo Diego oh yeah is that the actor or the character no the character Mato I think was the uncle okay oh yes yes yes Andrew rtio okay and am I right was he in the previous episode yeah so he was the water Thief boy y um he was in uh The Big Empty I didn't think we would see that face again cuz honestly I mean you know I'll give this well that was done okay I'll give this a tick because it made that water Thief storyline that I thought was boring and silly in the second episode actually matter now because that guy came back I I actually was going to bring this up last episode of why did we even have that there it has added nothing to anything we've watched thus far but hey here he is he's back and he's floating in space talk to me we've been introduced to the idea of the rock Hoppers before um but I think that term might be knew this episode we did um get explained to us the the concept of mining asteroids which is what they're doing um and how it's like a necessary thing but it's also really inefficient so it's not very profitable and and it's probably a quieter plot compared to the rest of them it's very it's very straightforward whereas the other ones are involved in this greater conspiracy that is growing and growing and growing um this is two people on a spaceship mining an asteroid failing yep uh they fail because their net breaks they fail because they get essentially pulled over by the coppers um Martian border patrol um and they don't have a valid license and then they fail at being nice to the Martians so they [ __ ] them over and basically leave them for dead yes the Martians [ __ ] them over and leave them for dead yeah because they say you can't go through Martian space so [ __ ] you [ __ ] you you're going to run out of here suck it you're going to run out of fuel maybe doesn't matter to me goodbye bye uh you attacked me cuz I tried to steal your booze [ __ ] you uh booze or water I think it was water water's very valuable yeah but also the uncle seems drunk oh he seems just sad and and broken water vodka don't know um and then the uncle decides to go [ __ ] it he snaps he snaps he's listening to the OPA gaunt belt who we haven't seen in a while it was yes he he almost said dusters I almost heard it in his voice but you're right the the uncle snaps but I do want to point out the the OPA being played there because it ties into the Anderson doors thing and it ties into so much but it is definitely dying Mantra the dire tribe the the the rhetoric must stand up then we must fight the boot is on our neck because yeah he throws his nephew into the the void of space he puts him in he gives him a suit and says good luck uh and so his nephew is now floating in the void of space watching his uncle fly his ship right at a martian vessel he first flings the the Rocks so the meteors go like the the the the thing they're mining first either breaks free or he lets it loose and it shoots at it it goes Galaxy Quest style where um they with the mines and that but it does tie back into the scene of we don't have any weap S I mean what can we do throw these little rocks at you and he does he does throw those little rocks at them because guess what you can and that would hurt very much what do you think of this it's interesting it's another part of building the world out and highlighting the destruction that the OPA brings out how you understand more and more why they're scen as being so dangerous because as an audience member you understand their ideals but you're being told they're Bad Dudes they're Bad Dudes they do bad things they're dangerous we need to get rid of them we can't like we have to put up with them on series but on Earth they want to eradicate them we haven't seen really the mar Martian like attitudes towards them as strongly but you can gather that they probably don't like them because they're unsettling the system and making Mars the bad guys Mars is all about power rigidity control and that's part of what the OPA wants to upset I'm sure this will tie into something bigger and grander and more important going forward I mean heck this is a character from a previous plotline I thought was the weakest in another episode and I didn't expect him to actually come back so here he is again and he matters and he's left floating in space that's a great hook of where will he go who will pick him up but in the relative terms of this singular episode it was fine it was fine it wasn't embarrassing it wasn't havlock falling in love with a sex worker and learning s oh my God I actually took a I I actually took a side of relief when uh he when Miller was not saved by havlock I worried so much same thing oh but same we'll keep a we'll keep an eye on this rock hopper plot but it was I don't know I don't have many feelings about it like I I'm not excited to see where it goes I'm more just like I guess this will have to go somewhere in the story yeah um it's just like it's happening I I hope that it it ties back in a little bit more we'll be okay you can only live so long with a boot to our next as a uncle Matel you don't need to do this we'll be okay we do get our girl chrisan Chrissy mhm she's here we missed her so much last episode and she's back again now only in a handful of scenes and deing but I loved I loved that like she's out at the aquarium doing this like with her grandchild with her grandchild and we get we get a little bit of law which we'll get into mhm but what I want to note is that this dude the dude that has the Spy that that she wants access to right yeah Carlos I think his name was or something like that he is not blindsided by her wheeling and dealing like the other guy was it's just like you invited me out you're going to grift for something he's more appalled that she just goes direct rather than all of the games and the smoke screens and all of that she's like I don't have time for that in another on another day maybe but not today yeah she's at the aquarium with her grandson and she's talking to this gentleman and she's doing the politician thing she she's trying to grease the wheels because he has a spy inside of Fred Johnson's operation and it is very difficult to get an Insider when it comes to Fred Johnson because Fred Johnson is this very big figure as we've been been told but a very hard one to pin down and and get to he's all the way out there he's this decorated war hero but now he's a pillar of the OPA Earth obviously has hatreds Redemption Christian points out well that's yeah yeah he's seeking Redemption if that's true at all and uh because even she doesn't believe that she just says like that's his motus operandi like that's what he's going for but come on oh yeah I I thought she was like that's what is motivating him but it's a stupid motivation because he's with the OPA yeah like but also like um I don't think she thinks that he can undo what he did Slash what he did wasn't wrong yeah but uh yeah Chris Jen wants this spy and we know that there's one in there but this guy isn't going to risk that because it's not worth all of this uh whatever she's wanting it isn't good enough to expose the Spy because like mentioned it's very very difficult to get one in there and this man's looking after his man on the inside he's he's all worried about that and so Chris Jen does what she needs to do she drops the I'm being a nice politician or I'm being someone who's using all of these euphemisms or I'm the polite Grand mother she just blackmails him I will [ __ ] up your family's life all right you've got this guy he's going to come out of jail soon guess what I could ruin that for you if you don't do what I want or I could make it easier for you if you do exactly what I want and I really loved how the the grandson heard some of this and he asked a question about like what's sheep dipping and she send him a way to go get ice cream oh her acting is so great because you see her turn on and it's very false but she turns on the kind grandmother role of oh don't worry about that darling go get us some ice cream bye-bye I wonder if the gift shop has ice cream yeah W she has this big ecstatic smile that immediately drops as soon as the grandson's back is turned and then she goes back to grilling this guy and it's fantastic this is what I want more of I want more of of of this type of material and to be fair we get a lot of it during the episode not just from Chris Jen but from Anderson doors Miller Holden Fred Johnson like these people putting on these very thin veneers and then to reveal what their their true motivations are or at least relative true motivations I thought this was one of the best scenes with Chris Jen we've we've had in the in the show thus far what do you think yeah because it's her showing somebody honestly who she is and what her values are and we get the idea that all of this is her fighting her fighting for what she believes in and that she feels justified in all of these things and now knowing that it is also motivated by personal Revenge m adds another interesting element uh looking back on things in the way that people questioned her particularly when it came to the OPA and the fact that that was shadowing a lot of those characters thinking in those conversations with Christian and how it's not just her and this conversation that drops the facade cuz then and he follows suit it deepens those scenes in her house where she's just sitting by herself and she has all of these Family Photos around we saw one of her son uh I'm thinking in the second or third episode and so it gives her more nuances in those quiet scenes and uh it makes you think back to where we've seen her before and like you mentioned her being in charge of the interrogations against the OPA now have new wrinkle to it because what's revealed is her son was killed by the OPA at some point uh uh Aon wri reprimands her yet again he he comes in and says hey this guy told me you tried to blackmail him so that you can get his spy you can't do that all right I know Fred Johnson is a complicated figure do you think I'm happy with him being out there doing what he's doing he's also I like this touch of he's also ripping off the Mormons that's just a nice detail like he's really ripping them off real good but hey whatever and Aron Ry does bring up that is this personal and she says yes it is of course it is of course it is but I like how with what we know of her and that performer it comes across to me that all of her actions aren't just motivated by musket Revenge about my son's death it's a factor it's a slice but it's not the whole that's what I really like about the expans you have multiple characters like that where it's like ah you get told this important piece of backstory that's just another piece of the pie rather than that's the whole pie and I really liked Aon Wright's uh acting that as Shawn Doyle does a really marvelous job of when pointed out about how the OPA have stealth technology they are stoking something out there you had this moment of like hesitation from Aaron Wright because he's grilling her about these things but at the same time well if they're out there if they're out there moving pieces about like this we have to do something and she even points out I think she does or he does one of them point out that the Mormons are out there building a big spaceship I mean they're funneling a lot of funds to that so the idea and this is brought up by it multiple times in the episode but the idea of if the Mormons can funnel money into making a big spaceship other people can funnel it into making stealth ships and so it is really tying into what I was theorizing about in previous episodes with you about how it doesn't necessarily have to be a government in charge of this it could be a loan group it could be the OPA it could be a corporation it could be the Mormons you know it could be any Factor outside of just the military and so that makes this a really deadly conflict because anyone could be doing this yeah and it makes it feel even more likely that it's just humans we're dealing with as well yeah I don't know if this is a world with aliens and it I don't know I I don't want them we've been so human Centric it would be weird to meet a bloopy bloppy alien who's got like the big black eyes and the round head I I don't know I just I fear that but I don't know because we still have thatd it would align with what they're trying to do because their themes are so focused on humanity and the divisions within Humanity that I don't think they need that added complication almost to those themes by adding in that because then we might get a we all unify against uh yes the Watchman type deal do you think that because she does pressure eron Wright to get the wheels in motion for the Spy to happen she does pressure him in at least she gives us that inclination that could be do you think the guy in the bar that was spotting uh Holden and Naomi with his weird cybernetic eye do you think that's the Spy do you think that's the Spy that's transmitting back to the powers over at Earth maybe I just I I took it more as he's a spy for somebody be it for Earth or just or for Fred and just keeping an eye on the crew um yeah or they are Opa as a larger organization Branch or yeah we learned that they're everywhere episode they've got a lot of fingers and many different pies I took it as it's the Spy that they're talking about yeah that would make sense for them to tie that together but because we got no confirmation I just went what can I see rather than what can I infer because I'm like I don't want to like the the show was very attentive to details it has the books to go off of but I still am not at that point where I fully trust it to be that logical cuz I've just I've been hurt before where did Star Trek Discovery hurt you Rachel show us on this doll yum yum Holden and the crew meet up with Fred Johnson at uh Tao station and uh they have a face to face and it was one of the greatest scenes in the show I I love I love Fred Johnson he is a boss he's in charge he calls their Bluff they try to Bluff that they have all of these Martian soldiers and yeah yeah he would be in charge of the UN


Marines that's that dude he's a soldier and that comes up a lot during the episode uh and it makes it very it makes him a character that is one to keep an eye on because he keeps flicking between what he is oh I'm no longer a soldier I'm a broker of peace and treaties I'm a man of redemption oh I'm just a part of the opa oh I'm just a foreman trying to help the Mormons like I'm just like B always all of those things but and he puts he switches what face you see depending on what he wants and what he needs and what the situation requ quires of him uh the soldier is the most like the one that runs through him the most I would say he very much has that presence and that mentality of command and this is how things must work and this is how they go and you are going to do what I need you to do because that's how it works the hierarchy the chain of command but there is no chain of command for you Johnson you're no longer in that realm but he still makes it for himself applies that to the structure of the OPA as well uh like you just get this sense that he sees himself as a major yeah as like one of the core members yeah like he's not in charge but he's in the upper Realms he's indispensable which is ironic considering how Fred how Anderson dors views people as indispensable as people who should sacrifice themselves at a moment's notice and uh I don't know if Fred Johnson thinks in that exact same way but it doesn't come across like that to me the conversation between him Amos and uh Holden was was wonderful he he called Holden uh uh like the luckiest [ __ ] in the galaxy and he totally is he totally is Holden just keeps on lucking out and it's ridiculous it's ridiculous it's one of the reasons why we keep on being like Oh my God stop being such a protagonist Holden Fred Johnson uh Cole's Holding Out for the piece of crap he he can see who you are he knows what Amos is all about he broke him down very easily and Amos tried to resist that no I'm not like that but you could tell in those eyes that it cut to his and we learn a bit more about that in the episode but that standoff there so many pieces of emotion being played with from the actor of Fred Johnson he really is trying to keep that composure but you can tell he wants to just snap and hurt them right then and there and he's playing a game just like Christian he even says there's nothing wrong with being a porn Holden you just have to be on the right side that's all and what a lck line huh Rachel what a line there are so many lines like that in this episode uh we learned that Fred Johnson was behind the scopuli in some scopuli scopuli I always forget which way it's pronounced but he was behind that ship he he was the one that got that together he was aware of Julie Mau and Anderson doors and uh this this Caper that they were going to go on to go steal this stuff over here and he needs his Inside Man on that he needs his connection this this figure whose name was I can't remember they had some very silly ludicrous LI poosi or pans palansky yeah uh yeah why not and he needs this figure because they will have answers they will have details and Fred Johnson is all about knowing things he's not going to make a move unless he knows what's ahead of him hence this conversation in the first place with Holden exists where okay you going to play games little boy or we actually going to do this properly because I don't have time for this he's very much a character who when you're talking he's looking at his watch counting down how long you're going on for that's the type of man Fred Johnson is and so he needs to get this and so he needs their ship and Holden being the main character volunteers himself he says Hey trust me I have no reason to trust you Fred uh everyone says this about Fred Johnson and we see it in the episode there's no reason to trust Fred Johnson Naomi just keeps on calling him butcher or the butcher mhm throughout the whole thing but I don't think she does it to his face no they don't have many conversations but they do have a past you can you can sense that in as an exchange with her that very much I guess indicates that we already have a feeling that I'll give you a name I'll give you a name when I get it uh we have that indication from from the last episode with her assumed history presumed history with uh Anderson station yeah so and um of course the fact that the Martians fingered her for being a Opa which may still be on the table uh especially with how Fred Johnson relates to her just more casually than he does with anyone else but what I think I really hope there's some importance to the tattoos that she has that matches Anderson scars yep yeah so for Holden he has a conversation with Fred Johnson to convince him that he should be allowed to go on this Mission and Holden we know is motivated because he feels guilty about this entire thing because him send him go like him letting the distress signal through means that they had to go through all of this and he feels it's all on his shoulders and so he's going through this extra mile to continue on to to oh I'm going to separate myself from them and help you guys out because I think this is still on me because I went to the Scorpio and then this happened and this happened and then this happened I have a gripe go ahead I am over I'm over this I get why they do it I get why it's probably going to keep on happening but I'm tired of Holden saying when this all blows over or when this is all done shut the [ __ ] up I don't need this I don't want this I don't care I know that nothing like this is a train that's are going MH they they're not getting off yeah uh I I agree but he keeps on being like and all this blows over what are you going to do and it's just like if they live if he was a more charismatic character you wouldn't care if he was Mal Reynolds if he was Sheridan you wouldn't care no but the thing is Holden and I'm I'm saying I'm not saying the actor the actor's fine Holden the character is so milk toast man that when he was having the conversation with with Fred Johnson Fred Johnson's been so in charge and the and the show has been very let's be let's use the statement realistic to the best of its abilities how with characters interact like anytime Chris Jen tries to do something Shifty the UN finds out about it and grills her ass for it so when Fred Johnson's having a conversation with Holden a man he barely knows and all he knows about him is he's a troublemaker and also a Val Val piece of like like valuable piece in his game to play with uh because he's going to use Holden to get him in conversations with the UN again Holden has to and the writers have to convince us as well as Fred Johnson that he should be allowed to go on this mission that could risk his life and the saddest part is you don't believe it and so like because Holden's so so just dry yeah that it made Fred Johnson unbelievable in that scene like I went why would you agree to that Fred yeah uh like there are some moments where of the running where it's just like wow that that that that's a great thing right there and then there's ones where it's just like oh you had to snip through that like it's not quite cutting a corner but sort of a similar thing oh stance to me yeah um not just like but I didn't really care about the fact that Holden got to go right I I was like as soon as we entered this bargain I knew that that was going to how be how it ended up what I was frustrated with the like the particular contrivance that annoyed me was him just going you drive a hard bargain and Alex and Naomi being you got you got our statements we're going withh holding yeah the thing is if those characters if we got to see their conversation with Fred Johnson I would believe it because I find them to be more gritty characters where they could have a Gruff Frank like like heart to heart and uh wheeling and deing conversation with Fred Johnson The Butcher of Anderson station and they could get this end result and I would not alongo yeah that was that made sense but when it's Holden I don't know he's the type of guy that I just I I don't know why anyone listens to him and I don't know why anyone wants to talk to him other than the narrative keeps saying that they do and this was one of those where we're getting to a certain end and I don't mind where we're going towards I I'm excited to see how this all pans out but I just wish that the leading to it was from a character that I believed a bit more than I do Holden I'll pick up your operator you're too valuable as a witness if you get killed the other three saw just as much as I did they'll stay and be your Witnesses we give some warn statements I'm sorry I can't do that we're going to be spending a lot of time staring at each other across the dock out there you and I both want the same thing to do right by our people what does he do Rachel what does he what does he tell the tell the CL he he reveals that he the one that let the message three which it makes sense that he opens up about that cuz he is feeling extra guilty and he has that that's part of his scene with Naomi at the bar as well yeah later on when he's you know after everyone's blown up at him yeah yeah they blow up at him of course amus is very pissed off about this uh Alex is not impressed at all he even has the last word on it word on it of you should have said something uh very bitterly he says that to Holden yeah it's a scene that works because I actually care about what the others think and more importantly how they reacted to Naomi knowing about this and not saying anything about it at all at any point and what did you I mean tell us your thoughts and feelings about amos's reaction to the information and to how Naomi knew I adored it I adored it uh specifically like one um like he he's pissed off but then he is look and like his poppy dog expression when he gets like his heart wrenched out mhm when she says I mhm and I thought the his line was perfect when he's like uh you didn't tell me cuz you were scared of me yeah and he walks out yeah and it it it's so hard to believe in those moments when it somebody finds out something and it crushes them it crushes them and that kind of moment can also destroy a relationship because his trust in her is destroyed because she didn't trust him she was not even trusting of him she was what he feared which is the one person that I have connected with the one person who doesn't see me as just a monster the one person that I I can open myself up to is afraid of me is afraid of what I can do is like everyone else because he has been very much on her side he backs her up at any point and now he realizes she doesn't do the same for him she's not backing him up she's not on his team is reciprocal this isn't yes this is being reciprocated and then the spiral of questioning how much of their relationship was a manipulation and then I think he falls back into Old pattern when he's at the bar with Alex of he's trying to read people he's trying to help people he's trying to remind himself that he is a good person and yet he's also playing up the I'm a tough guy yeah hey I'm not interested buddy uh actually hey come here that guy's going to threaten you with my hey Alex here's some money go have sex you wounded wounded nature yes uh that shines through in a lot of things and it's a lot of layers for a side character to have six episodes into a show Holden's revealing of the secret whatever I couldn't care about that uh even how Alex and Amos reacted to him it wasn't really anything worth sinking your teeth into but the the Naomi part of it I really wasn't expecting that to be as hard-hitting as it was and that Twist of him getting hurt by that and becoming almost like a child because of it I I I was really blindsided by that but I was so happy to see it because it was a Nuance that could have easily been skipped and the other thing I was happy about and I mentioned this in a recent discussion maybe the last one about how Amos they they respect the character enough to make it when he's emotionally in turmoil and he's been wounded by his closest friend the P the person he may maybe even loves he doesn't become just irrationally angry and broody men and like violent and whatever because that's the heart more sophisticated than that it's more sophisticated than than that and also that's at the heart of the problem right like he he thinks oh she sees me as that and narratively speaking it would be so simple for the writers to then have it be well I I will be that then you think of me like that then I am Doo


from yeah we saw him being like I'll [ __ ] kill whoever did this so like it's not like her fears were invalid no but she yeah it's more complicated than that and I can officially say m I really like Amos sorry I cann't hear you I really like Amos I thought I heard Amos in there so you probably did I did don't worry Naomi's clouding your judgment with how to say the name cuz she Mis she pronounces it two ways I've heard her do it both ways pick aaine lady but I I totally agree it makes Amos such a a valuable character to to the series with how they keep not giving you what you think you ought to get from him but giving you something better than that he could easily live in the lane of the hot head who's the hot guy with the big muscles and when we're in trouble send him in to beat them up or he's the master with weapons and crap like that but no he's sensitive he he does have emotions even though he is emotionally stunted as a person you would very much describe him as socio AIC in many ways because of just how he views life and death and violence in just very uh simple ways but he has a point of view when we hang out at the bar we we do get a point of view of how he looks at people that he does look through people like they are individuals that are just in a room and you mark down how much of a threat they are this person has a weapon and so they're a threat and this person is unaware so they're a victim and we hear about his upbringing and how he grew up in areas like this bar and this strip club and this joint and it makes sense and even Fred Johnson points out like I've had many soldiers like you these poor broken boys who grew up starving and poor and strug struggling and now they've become men and I think that perfectly sums up the Amos character and I said to you in a in a in a recent discussion as well that you're a big fan of when Al and Amos are hanging out and you said to me oh when does that even happen we get like 2 seconds of that each episode and then this is a story line where the whole story is they hang out in a bar and talk I loved it what do you think about Alex's background we've had hints of it uh but now we're getting more of a open discussion about his Martian life and family background yeah that he used to have a wife we don't know how that ended I assume they're dead the wife and the kid the way he looks the way he holds on to that photo yeah and puts it up each time he goes out the way he Strokes that ring the fact he still has a ring yeah you don't usually keep that if you're divorced no not unless it wasn't amable but yeah uh the fact that he he didn't say and I still have a daughter um which would be you know the TR thing to say if that came up of like I used to be married still have a daughter don't get to talk to her much that kind of thing would be a very obvious way to do it but um they're either avoiding that cuz they're both dead or we're going to get a little bit more information either way actually we'll get more information about what happened to his wife and we're assuming his daughter in the what did you think of his big what did you think of his big speech his big reply sweet I really liked that um I think a lot of people can relate to his statement about how when he's out at work he can't wait to get home but when he's at home he can't wait to get back to work because he really loves his job but he really loves loved his wife uh and the conflict within that is very interesting all I could dream about is getting back out here Big Brat said I didn't have what it takes to fly the badass gunships I will tell you one thing flying the rosti back there that was just about best feeling I have ever had he's not threatening when he's angry like when he says [ __ ] to Holden I just go ah Alex you're all right though like you're not really angry and teaming him up with Amos what do you think about this this pair because on the surface I don't know if they seem like the most exciting Duo to team up with but anytime they are there I I I like up a bunch what do you think about them as a Duo yeah I really like it too because they have they're similar in their situations H but they're very different people but they find common ground and I buy them connecting more than I buy Naomi and Holden connecting but I don't exactly know why because there's not an obvious hetero romance in the air maybe maybe maybe that that that's part of it that's probably part of it but you're not shipping the and Holden no don't don't give a rat's ass but um don't want Naomi with Amos because he deserves better and Holden doesn't deserve any yeah yeah um he's still mourning his girlfriend yeah he nuked he helped get a nuke he's still dreaming about what she was going to say I actually really like the Holden and Nomi scene yeah like I I I like that I like that they were just doing a bunch of shots together and um checking around I think with Alex and Amos Amos stuff I really understand that kind of workplace friendship MH and I I I like seeing that on screen and the way that they just kind of get each other but they Pro like they're not going to they wouldn't talk to each other if they didn't work together yeah even now they're they're comrades in arms because they're pissed off about Holden and Naomi I really like there was this moment and you said yeah what did he mean by that like why is that here when Amos was talking about growing up in a place like this and uh and Alex retorted about oh you you you must have had had a great time you must have loved it and he's like you must have been like a puppy with two dicks yeah and and and then the Amos responds that he goes oh I didn't mean it like that and it's like what did you mean it like and it's like yeah and what I really liked about that was it was the it was the it was the type of awkwardness that you have in the real world and doesn't feel crappy real like me as an audience I'm actually cringing cuz that's bad writing like when Star Trek Discovery does it where Tilly will say something hella awkward and now the room's gone quiet and they go o Tilly boy that was weird that didn't have that mode to it that did feel like a conversation you would see two friends having at a bar and that gets slipped out there and then maybe one of them would laugh at how absurd that was and they would move on it was a neat little touch and I think it added so much to their relationship just that exchange there really cemented their friendship for me the Naomi and Holden scene where they're commemorating to shed and making jokes and even uh toasting to the Fallen martians that were helping them and Naomi pauses about that and has some you know cutting statements to make but she still makes them because they weren't nice to her they treated her like garbage and they were going to pin it all on her so of course she isn't going to just be happy gol lucky but they did save their lives they did do the right thing in the end but I really like the exchange about how Holden you're the hero man of course you came back for me and he tries to do the well you would come back for me yes you would have come back for me oh no no no sorry P's on color natural acting from Naomi when she says this there's laughter she's stumbling over the words and then when she says the truth she just blurts it out just very upfront and Frank it doesn't feel scripted because this could be a very scripted moment of like this is really what Naomi is like like she would have left you for dead because she cares about herself but it's it does come across as two people at a bar talking to one another and she's had a couple and she just says yeah I would have left you with all those bullets flying around are you kidding me of course I just really liked how natural it felt and even though I'm not necessarily head over heels with the idea of these two romantically being paired together the actors have good chemistry so I'm not opposed to it as much as I previously was but uh I'm fine with it I mean do you have any other statements about their scene I just really like how lots of scenes in this episode have such honesty and authenticity to them and that's really making me appreciate how well the characterization is knitting together now because for almost every episode I've been like yeah but I don't give a


[ __ ] about these characters and now I'm like oh I do have I'm catching feelings I'm catching feelings like I have feelings for Amos definitely h it's going to be hard for me not to say that he's a favorite yum yum oh yeah every episode I think um he's very sexy yeah even even if he does something un full I'm probably going to still be like he h though um and I like I I like Alex um I still I I don't care about a lot of the other characters but I get them yes which does make me care about them in a way I know I don't to see how they will go the story at least I'm like okay you're you're you're doing things you're affecting the plot you're having a life like they feel like they're living their lives it's gotten to that point for me this is an important episode because we are finally getting to have those moments of connectivity because I stated it when they finally got on the ship it felt like a big deal like oh the pilot is finally over now we can get to the actual meat and potatoes of a show and that's what we're getting here where this here would be like a like a second or third episode of something like Farscape it's like now the crew are together they have to start getting along and they actually have to start knowing each other and having scenes together where it isn't just about running away from the overarch touching plot and so when they come together as a crew at the end after they've been separated for the episodes or reflecting upon what they've learned and getting to know each other more when they come together at the end and I mean I really liked how Holden I I adored this Holden is giving coffee to people and he gives he's extending it out to Amos and there's a moment of pause between the two of them and yet Amos you can see he swallows his pride he swallows whatever resentments he has accepts the cup cup of coffee and gives a little smile and he seems good and we're moving forward we're moving forward I I haven't fully forgiven you but I'm sticking this out he's not just being a jerk because well if you write a jerk character or crew of jerk characters then you have drama ooh it's dispensing with that maybe we'll pick it up again maybe we won't but in this moment here I can end the episode being happy that we have a ship full of people who are almost friends meaning that they can become friends during the course of the adventure we're going to follow the first five episodes it was so go go go that we didn't have time for that now we have more time for that I'm just salivating over it I I I've had some quals with the with Holden as a character but honestly the Holden material like when we cut over to his story lines it is some of my favorite stuff that we've been getting I mean how do you feel just about that statement alone it's been growing on me as well like it it is getting better now that we're out of that setup stage but I am kind of nervous at the same time because it's a short season halfway through just over half through there's so much set up that's happened and I'm like how how much is going to get done what are you going to choose to do where is this going I have so many questions but I am also really interested to see if they manag to have a solid Arc in this first season or if it just feels like it's the first chapter not a a distinct thing on its own we have to find Julie Mau by the end of the season we have to know where she's at that's the that's the minimum they have to do to meet what you're talking about because that's the thrust of the Season she's l right yeah I don't know for some reason I thought that it must have been Julie just because the way that they were talking about the Survivor of the scopuli that is true and we have to have Holden meet with this crew so if this crew are looking for Julie as well it that's how they converge because they have to meet and talking about Miller he's in the episode as well and everyone he gets tortured everyone calm down put down your pitchforks I liked Miller in the episode I enjoyed his plot a lot I I liked it I was happy I was dreading it uh but I liked it Thomas Jane was fantastic why did you go back to Julian M's apartment I'm going to come clean embarrassing but uh really like her shower it's great water pressure so what do we get from this what is learned during the course of the Miller plot when it comes to the interrogation side of it where he's getting interrogated but in turn he's actually learning information yes so he he's there he's getting the crap beaten out of him by the underlings both of whom get shot mercilessly by m mhm but he's sort of trying to sniff out the truth slash aggravate them so he they drop his hat don't touch my hat no no you're feeling around the rim don't do that don't do that don't do that I'm going to press this button press this button hard or put the Hat on your head will fit put it on we know now that Julie ma was in on it she knew like she isn't just this half victim in the way that she could have been she's very much an Opa member she's very much somebody who would have spat in Miller's face considering what he is that she is this defined person that she is what we were told in the previous one someone with strong ideals and is willing to to sacrifice themselves or willing to go to the end to fulfill on those convictions to follow through on them and Anderson admires her even like points out that she is a hero she is somebody to Aspire to be she was an earther yet she was still a belter yet she was still an Opa at heart and so she opened up a doorway for Anderson doors to really look at people even more so as being those yearning for that freedom he apparently is trying to give everyone and apparently they're really close po Independence yes and uh he finds out why and this is the thing I want to know your your opinions on CU you didn't react at all when we watched it but I know you have opinions because well it's about Miller you're doing the case Miller because you've fallen in love with her of course that's why you're doing this I should have seen it from the beginning yeah what what what what are you what do you want me to say I was thinking that episodes ago yeah but now it's now it's in the text now it's in the text I'm like okay can we just move on from it then like or are you going to keep on doing this uh femal Noir detective undertone overtone thing with this plot you you don't don't like him being motivated to do the cop case because he's fallen in love with the girl in the picture no I I don't care I don't care it feels default that he does it's just like oh he's invested her wellbeing and he's he's grown to care about where she is because you have to develop some kind of relationship to be motivated in the way that he is so it makes sense that it's like oh he's in love with her yeah and he's a [ __ ] with so yeah he probably is you know know a big fan of Miller are you nor am I no but I liked him enough in this episode he's he's a sloppy person I thought that reveal was one where I go yeah obviously this is what you do and it's been pretty apparent but thank you for saying it out loud in the show I'm glad that we can move on from it like you're saying and I think the episode goes on further to humanize him while still playing around with the detective tropes but they have more room and this is what I really appreciated about the Miller plot is they had more time given to letting Thomas Jane embody the character through those trappings of the genre through the trappings of the of the of the trop and let me believe him more to have these little touches that the actor can give us rather than the script so we can go through what Miller's stuff is and say oh when you when you read it on paper that sounds like it matches up with all the previous critiques you've had Ryan but the thing is when you watch the scenes there's just more time given to Thomas Jane being able to express things in a way that makes it feel more alive because in the other episodes it really didn't feel like he got to shine as much it was more about havlock and Anderson doors and yes Anderson doors Jared Harris is doing a lot of monologuing here but Thomas Jane gets a lot to react off of and monologue himself about and I think that uh Miller through the interrogation because he's trying to be deceitful but also Anderson is saying some really tough things to hear we're seeing a larger range of emot from Miller rather than just stoic snarky guy who couldn't give a [ __ ] like when it's revealed about the you love her the look on Thomas Jane's face had so many things going through it and then when he just defaulted to yeah it it was really well done so I am endeed more to Miller now than I have been in the previous ones and I put it down to the scenes allowing us to get more work from the performer rather than what the writing itself is doing again it's not giving me groundbreaking moments like I feel like I get from Chris Jen or or Fred Johnson or Amos but they're giving me like enough of the things I know but more material for Thomas Jane the actor to spin it into something that I find to be far more tasty to eat at like eat upon than just what I was getting before which felt like heated leftto reheated leftovers for you I mean this episode did have a lot of Miller focus and it's propelling forward a lot of the work he's been doing did you feel any different about him here than in the previous ones at all or do you just feel the same dismissiveness towards him like I care about him more at the end of this episode than I did at the start but I'm still like the with the exception of Christian right are two male leads right we have Holden we have


Miller I am interested in them for the role that they play in their story still that I don't care about them as people MH I I'm growing to care about them more um and Miller is ahead in the PO compared to Holden okay um but it's just like yep okay he's doing things things are happening to him uh like I never felt like he was in danger of actually being killed really I was just like oh they're taking him to the same spot where he almost killed that other dude also from The Big Empty right no that was the first episode was that the first that was literally the first episode yeah yeah yeah oh yeah that's near the end of the first episode CU you see but it was ironic yeah it was ironic that he had to go through what he put others through yeah yeah um and the I'm watching him um go through the emotions tied to that was really great me the same first shot I killed him all right but it wasn't the blood or the iron smell of it that got


me I was there a little girl in the window watching me I really kiding connected with that scene and I was really appreciating the actor's performances I want to go over a line and then give particular snaps to a moment um both having to do with the acting because when he's trying to give advice and it's just like [ __ ] y wait wait what yeah he's giving a it seems like he's going to give her really like solid this would be the swelling music the camera spin this is the the fortune cookie advice of what to do and you go oh that's brilliant but instead he gives her really horrifying advice your best and worst memory are your biggest biggest delusions and I'm like but he's not entirely wrong either like it's so frustrating in a very particular way of course he has this world you yeah but also like you've taken the science and you you you made it into this other thing that kind of dorts the thing but is still kind of the thing is isn't that him with the case where he's got this image of the girl he's made up in his brain and the more he learns about her the less It lines up with what he thinks but it still doesn't get in the way of his pursuit of this girl that he loves yeah like he knows that uh fantasies For Better or Worse are delusions I just think when I say of course he has this belief because you go oh of course he does because he's dis functional as a man he doesn't care for himself and he doesn't care for others and so when he says this to her and she calls it out as terrible advice and he laughs at off going yeah it probably is it's one of those moments where I I I I cheer going oh finally finally a brilliant little moment of insight into Miller that isn't just and it feels very to him yeah it's like no other character in the show would say that line and believe it like he does and I'm a sucker for this but the guy who comes across as a SLE ball to begin with but when the when that opportunity to have gone full SLE ball happens and and they don't do it and they do something better than that because she she leans in to kiss him she's obviously highly emotional she's drinking and he turns away doesn't even acknowledge that the kiss was going to happen there he just moves on and says we're getting the that's the moment that I really wanted to praise and give snaps for snap snap snaps everyone if you're jazz people we do snap snaps band and snap the we almost had a moment scene is in so many shows so many shows it's also in a lot of movies but dang it happens so much in shows mhm cuz they do a lot of will they won't they in television because they need drama constant drama it's been a while it's been a while since I've believed in that so


much and it's because of the way that the actors play it and you look at them and you you're seeing both of them embodying these different people at this specific point and their reactions and there's so much in it that you get to see and it makes them really come alive rather than you seeing the writing on the page which is it like those kind of moments are super hard cell and this one really worked for me I'm invested in their relationship because they clearly should not be together and and they both acknowledge that but they're attracted to each other they know that they should respect these boundaries but there's something there's a connection to them to each other and they are like they're pulling learning disaster they both know that what yeah my statement was going to just be as simple as they should not be together yet they they ought to because they're the only people who know each other fully she is the only one who actually knows Miller and he's the only one that actually knows her in return like you said they they're Flirting With Disaster there that this could go wrong they they're dysfunctional in the way that they know each other so well because like a part of that is the um like they know each other through work and there was initially a power and balance and now that power and balance is shifted right so I can't believe that we couldn't have just had this be the relationship from the very beginning rather than wasting time with havlock being the person he talked to this could have been more expanded upon please don't come back like because this is great like more of this makes me want more of Miller because the two characters work really well together those actors are really but really good together as well a juicy storyline that they're building up and I just was amazed by them in that scene my advice is you just forget it make yourself forget


it appreciate that it's terrible advice Anderson doors gives us a lot to really think about and mle over uh Miller points out that you are this man who wants freedom but if you're in charge you want independence but only if you're the governor of that Independence you won't be willing you wouldn't be willing to step aside for that you talk about the Holiness of your cause and the righteousness of it and yet you are in the making of a dictator basically and you create your Mythos you spin your web you tell people different versions of your story sister who's named after a Greek


goddess talking about acting Jared Harris oh I mean we know he's a great actor but this is when they finally let him off the [ __ ] chain they finally let him off the [ __ ] chain in this one they they let him have it they're like okay okay this scene this scene it's all yours baby it's all yours have at it chew on this really juicy bone of a monologue this is a scene where Anderson this is a scene where Anderson doors puts on his Sue Chef outfit because he's going to make us a [ __ ] meal out of this scene we get his monologue right we get his story and he tells tells us about how his sister died and how he had to let her die because he killed how he killed her he killed her for the betterment of his whole family but but he makes sure to get the record straight of oh people believe that oh it was some accident and I let her go and all of that no that's not the case here's the story okay and he lays it out and he lays it out of how just matter of fact it is because when you're living in a hellscape like this with poverty being the thing that you're drowning in and no support and you are just left to fend for yourselves there comes a point when you're like that as somebody who also grew up poor and in a rural town that is very lacking in support there does come a time when your mentality sets into this is how it is these are the steps you must take to move forward and if things are weighing you down you must sever those now I'm not going to be saying I'm as Extreme as Anderson does but like if you were in a scenario the thinking yes and the feeling yeah and it's shifted to the extreme which is one of the great opportunities of sci-fi as a genre yes and with the universe that they've set up we've been very aware of oh they are belters and they have it tougher than everyone else and see how we're seeing the rock hoppers in the other plot have it as tough this so tough that one of them kills thems to end this and the other one is left in the void of space to fend for themselves like here's an door's story his sister had this brittle bone condition because of growing up and zero g and being in the belt and just what a [ __ ] nightmare it is even though she was this wonderful person this great intellect she was slowing them down because of just her physical limitations and she was most likely going to die at some point anyway it was inevitable with the circumstances that is built for being on the Belt itself even travel kill her like chalk um and that I like he's like she was smiled upon by God in all of these ways but because she was born into poverty this idea that she was always doomed and that moment there made him what he is today a man who realized that there are millions of us out there going through this brothers and sisters who need to be free need to not suffer this and what was really great about like truly one of the best scenes of the show Jared Harris makes you believe it there was not a moment where I didn't think this is Anderson doors's real story even though that is on the table because we've we know he's deceitful but the way Jared Harris brings it to life you you believe it but what really really made the scene for me was Miller undercutting it by pointing out that yeah okay great but all of this death has followed you and the OPA and yet it has never been you you have never given your life you have taken other people's lives for the cause but you have never been willing to give it yourself no and that shut Anderson doors's mouth he there's nothing to reply with with that one because he's not willing to sacrifice himself he's willing to protect himself because Miller's right he wants to be the one in charge he wants to be the one in control he's owed it but also you see that in the fact that he decided that his sister needed to die mhm he had three other sisters to think about I think it was three mhm no mention of his parents he took that responsibility judge he took that ownership over the situation and the accountability that's it the accountability too the the guilts the the grief and living with this pain I came to realize that I have millions of brothers and sisters in the belt I even count you among them as I did Julie and arur so everybody dies for the


cards except for you Miller's hat Saves The Day He leaves he he gets saved and he reveals that the hat did have the chip in it and they didn't find it and like how good was that and the chip has very important information and this ties together with Holden's story and with uh with with Johnson and I would also Imagine obviously as well with what the Martians were talking about which is the Phoebe station was experimenting on something they had found something they had stumbled across something they created something unusual the theory is a bioweapon of some sort and so Miller brings this back to the chief hey chief here it is and he plays the thing here's the tape of some guy talking about this and so and the OPA got a hands on this information at some point and so the scopuli the scopuli was on its way to steal whatever this was at Phoebe station to use it for their own means because of course they would and what the problem though there is the powers of that is behind this Grand conspiracy was either the people who made this bioweapon potentially or stumbled across this scientific thing and needed to hide this needed to put this under wraps and to do that they needed to start a war


here with the blue you're not know what we're doing over here because we killed all the scientists and we killed the the OPA terrorists that were going to come come steal it and we started a war we with the Martians we made the Martians look like they did it so even if you did stumble across this you would think it's the Martians who did it whatever [ __ ] weird thing that these


whether it was I don't know who I'm imag it's like ay like a corporation yeah probably I mean we only have one to go off of so by deduction we would have to be Julie Ma's dad's company because he's the only one we know sadly like we don't know any other companies and that would like she's discovering she's discovered that and that's alled her to to flee that would be very logical yes or it would motivate her to go on the ship in the first place to go to I the the place have a question yes I'm I want to know your question which um so I I got to do a little bit of setup first did the um so we see the chip mhm from Julie Ma's place it's a fairly unique uh size in shape right um but it is sort of similar to the other ones that he found in the um data who's he what's it lab yeah yeah yeah the the data collector guy the data collector yeah um the Netrunner but it did look really similar to me to the sort of body cam or log uh that Fred pulls from the dead Martian yeah from Lopez do you think Lopez do you think it is linked well yeah because they were going to go to the Phoebe station wasn't it or they had just come from there and they wanted to know what happened at Phoebe station that was one of the questions that they kept on asking them and the way that FR touches like the gooey stuff on on Lopez's suit makes me think that he knows what that is as well because that freaked everybody else out in like the previous episode so I wonder if it is like a sort of body cam card yeah whether it is linking either way I think you're right that at least it does have C to the Phoebe Phoebe station out there it was from Phoebe station it says Phoebe on the bottom yeah oh but I mean Fred Johnson has I think that is you're probably right I didn't because I was one of those o I wonder what this is going to be but you're right now you think about it it did have a similar look to it you you I think you've nailed it there um I'll be you know Rachel Rachel Nails it many people have been making comments on our Discord about how Rachel we laugh because h you got something right same with me about me mocking the Mormons being like why are they here and then the next episode's like I love them but uh to no one's surprise the OPA owned the cops and Miller and Miller's AR Miller's fired they should arrest him but he's fired kicked off the case the chip is taken away and thrown into a VA he already kicked off the case as you pointed out to me that's why he that's why even more why she's angry and yeah his boss the chief is an Opa lady and uh like little anoy tattoo neck that's the OPA tattoo yeah and um I just like I like I liked that that just like in case you were wondering it's right there in case cuz you said before that happened well how does he know she's Opa she could be working for the evil malevolent like organization that made the biow weapon and then that happened you're like oh no it must be Opa I guess Miller was right on this one yeah and like he was distrustful of taking it to the higher ups when he didn't have anything and then he immediately goes and it's just like oh this [ __ ] is evil why are you talking to her you should have known she was evil she has short hair short dark hair on our scale of yum being bad and yum yum being good what would you rate Rock Bottom did it sink to the Rock bottom of the sea or did it float all the way up to the top no uh there was a lot to this episode it was going at a break neck speed yes I was like I I almost I was like thinking during the episode when um one of the times when we got like an extra 2 seconds cuz it was clearly like a a black cut for ads ads I was just like I kind of want to put this in the timeline in Premiere Pro and cut all of the scenes and average how long each of them are because it felt so quick it felt like we got exactly what we needed no fat no fluff yeah still enough time to have moments of pause yeah that's the trick yeah that's the trick you still keep up the you're talking about sacrificing that when we were talking about the rock Hoppers that they are breathers yeah it's more lowkey than the other plots so what do you give it yum yum yum yum I give this a Yum Yum Yum Yum yeah I've been enjoying the series more as it's going along this was a definite Improvement more like this where you can have all of the things you can have your cake and eat it too m H now do you want to know what the title of the next episode is we don't know what it's about we're not going to read the description no we have not watched the series before so don't spoil things for us okay don't you come in here and tell me oh there's this fun little fact about like this relates to Something in season 4 or don't give me the in the books it means this I don't know I'm just watching the show don't don't tell us anything about actors and don't you tell meast don't don't you tell me if people get recast in this show that's a spoiler for me all right I don't want to hear that we're we're not going to spoil that but somebody told us a very sad piece of news about a certain actor that we love very much and um my heart is forever broken but next time we'll be talking about windmills because obviously Don kyote is a thing that keeps being referenced in this show so windmills I also I mentioned this but I did not get to emphasize it as enough as I wanted but oh boy the names the names in this show are so packed with meaning that whenever I think I'm about to forget that this is based on a book series I get punched in the face with that rer stuff oh yeah it's very wrly oh his sister his name was a Greek goddess and all the name in the ship the donot thing and the episodes say donot references and it does have that uh at times it does have that sense of wankin as we like to call it also didn't quite acknowledge the pun nature of the episode title for this one and I just I just needed to say that out loud and have that on record right you know are you going to acknowledge any like you're going to further that at any point you're going to like get into more of what that puny nature is or you just going to I thought you were going to take up that torch but okay uh so we have the idea of the bels are the rock bottom of the food chain and they are collecting rocks yeah we have Rock Hoppers yeah and we have Rock Hoppers rock bottom and we have all of these car like mill at Rock Bottom oh yeah and Holden also feels like he's at at Rock Bottom because he's caused all of these deaths in these various situations and they're all at this point where they're really low and they're trying to scramble their way out of them and like Christian also plays into that but not as much yeah like she's in a low point and we get an idea of the depth of her sadness through through through the episode yeah the episode and them pointing out letting us know that her son has been murdered by the OPA yeah possibly assassinated even ooh so that is all we have for you people make sure to check out that episode in the meantime uh you can follow us as well on your social media of choice under yum yum pod or yum yum podcast if you support us on patreon that's where you know you can get so much content including these episodes we release our discussions about the expanse for our patrons first and then for you on the Main feed so if you are hearing this on the Main feed you can come on over to our patreon and get so many more episodes right now if you're just itching to hear what we have to say about the next one why don't you come over to a patron you get to be a part of the group Discord chat to fellow yum Lings about all of the wacky things we're saying on this podcast and you kind of have a bit of a chuckle and uh also just get that pleasure of supporting the podcast if not at least recommend us to all your friends and family and enemies out there anyone you know that is in the need of a science fiction television podcast show where they go through where we go through episodes of TV shows and review them hey recommend us to those people say hey there's this there's this podcast called yum yum podcast they'll say why yum yum oh let me tell you why yum yum but more importantly they're watching the expanse for the first time I know you love the expanse what the expanse they haven't seen it before yeah isn't that crazy well you better listen to them explain why they didn't see it properly the first time oh okay but they better like they better like Chris Jen oh let me tell you they love Chris Jen uh but that is all we have for you thank you all so much for listening thank you all so much for giving us your time and your support but until next time I am going to just smile and Nod about the fact that we at least got to hear the gaunt belter were you Rachel happy enough with hearing him or did you want to see him I I enjoyed the payoff of like well is he just speaking to the people where is the speaker connected to something else he's a radio show Pirate Radio he's that Nick Frost movie uh the boat that rocked or Pirate Radio that's


him see you then well